LUMIERE producers Artichoke joined forces with NewcastleGateshead Initiative to launch an opportunity for people based in or originally from the North East region. The programme, called Brilliant, was developed to support artists to produce lightworks to be showcased at the festival.

Four ideas were selected from nearly sixty proposals submitted by local artists, designers, students and the general public, following the open call for submissions in early 2011. The four proposals were chosen following a rigorous three-stage process, the final stage of which involved site visits and interviews with each of the finalists.

Following the news of their successful proposals, the artists spent months developing their lightworks, some working with community groups, adapting their designs to fit each location and physically testing and creating the works.

The Brilliant artists were: Mick Stephenson, a local builder; Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook of product design agency, Deadgood; Global Curiosity Group, a collective of academics at Northumberland University; and visual artist Bethan Maddocks  working with theatre designer and visual artist Verity Quinn.

The artworks selected for Brilliant were commissioned in partnership with NewcastleGateshead Initiative and were funded by Northern Rock Foundation.

Brilliant Artists

Paul Goodfellow of Global Curiosity Group
Mick Stephenson
Bethan Maddocks and Verity Quinn
Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook

Photographs by Steven Landles.