Response to queries

Friday, November 18, 2011

We wanted to offer some information in response to queries and concerns raised over the event management of LUMIERE last night. We hope this information is useful and helps you enjoy the festival safely.

A dynamic stewarding plan is in place which has the support of the authorities and emergency services.However this plan will not be effective without the co-operation of the public. 

We have thoroughly reviewed the crowd management plan, which will be enforced much more robustly tonight, with additional stewards deployed and police support in some areas.

Over 200 stewards - more than half of them professionals - were on duty last night.  The professional stewarding company chose to have their staff wear discreet black jackets rather than high visibility jackets.  This was remedied part-way through the evening, and from now on stewards will be in hi-vis jackets at all times.

Organisers strongly advise members of the public not to bring dogs to the event. Certain areas are particularly congested at peak times and may therefore prove tricky to navigate with pushchairs and buggies.

The event passed off safely and police reported no significant issues. 

Road Closures
The road closure will be enforced much more robustly this evening and for the rest of the event, and there will be no vehicle access to the peninsula from 5pm.   Access will also be restricted from 4pm. 

Park & Ride
Organisers are very pleased that visitors heeded our advice to use Park & Ride services rather than driving into the centre of the city.  Some Park & Ride buses were delayed in getting to their destination, causing some issues at the beginning of the evening, but Durham County Council has confirmed there will be more buses this evening. 

The park & walk facility at County Hall had plenty of spaces available.