1. 60 Second Cathedral

Dominik Lejman (Poland)

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Polish artist Dominik Lejman's projection features a specially-trained group of skydivers attempting to recreate the vaulted ceiling of Durham Cathedral as they fall to earth.

Lejman attempts to recreate elements of this iconic architectural feature as the skydivers open their parachutes just seconds before dispersing their formation. These specially commissioned film recordings of falling figures reveal shapes in the sky inspired by the architectural diagrams of the Cathedral.

Representing structures of Christian values, philosophy and ethics these shapes will be complemented by shapes inspired by bioethical science bringing into question the notions of good and evil in relation to the biological and molecular formations they might take.

About the artist

Dominik Lejman is a Polish artist born in Gdansk now living and working in Poznań, Gdynia and Berlin.  His large-scale works aim to create a new kind of 'urban' light-painting - a technique involving video projections onto buildings, transforming their façades into vibrant historical canvases. Lejman first attracted international attention with his innovative multiple layering of traditional painting (often monochromatic) and video projections. Much of his recent work is designed to destabilise the viewer's customary patterns of perception heightening awareness of the way we instinctively create internal and external "security blankets" that offer an illusory shield against the inescapable realities and dangers of our physical being.

A Lux Scientia commission for Lumiere

Funded by the European Commission Culture Fund

Special thanks to all who helped to create this piece

Special thanks to Artur Karwowski. Editing support: Jakub Łączny.  "Jump" production: Dariusz "Dafi", Jarosław "Widget" Szot,  Artur "Bravos" Ceran (cameramen).

Sky Divers: Marcin Szot, Jacek Łącki, Krzysztof Kiebała, Markiz Białecki, Grzegorz Szusta, Kinga Komorowska, Jarosław Szot, Dominika Godlewska, Robert Wolski, Amelia Bobowska, Maciej Machowicz, Dariusz Banaszkiewicz, Robert Przytuła, Sebastian Matejek, Maciej Węgrzecki, Witold Kielerz, Maciej Król, Artur Karwowski, Grzegorz Leonow, Anna Dzido, Agnieszka Szczerbakow, Marcin Laszuk, Agata Chmielak, Izabela Pilarczyk, Laura Stachowska, Dariusz Filipowski, Artur Ceran, Marek Nowakowski.

Find out more: www.dominiklejman.com


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