6. Binary Waves

LAb[au] (Belgium)

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Each time we make a call on our mobile phones, switch on our radios, or drive across town, electromagnetic waves are generated.  Through infrared sensors Binary Waves captures these invisible flows of information and turns them into a unique display of light, sound, colour, and movement that constantly shifts as the information it uses changes.

Made up of 40 panels, each 3 meters high, the panels translate these communication waves, creating optical effects displaying red and white LED's. Each electromagnetic impulse is passed from one panel to the next in a wave effect. The patterns created and the speed and angle of the panel movements are determined by these 'micro-events'.

Binary Waves represents the everyday life of Durham visually, capturing the rhythm and flow of the city. What you will see is a completely unique display ever-changing that will make you see Durham in a different light.

About the artist

Belgian art-studio LAb[au] (laboratory for architecture and urbanism) is a Brussels-based art studio founded in 1997 and created by Manuel Abendroth, Els Vermang and Jerome Decock. LAb[au]'s work is part of public and private art collections worldwide and has been exhibited in some of the world's most prestigious art venues and events.

The technological developments of the past forty years have given rise to a major shift from the industrial to the post-industrial information society. This technological progress inspires LAb[au] to examine the transformation of architecture, art and design.

Find out more: lab-au.com | watch videos | tweet @labau | facebook


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