10-12. Durham Bridges

Martin Warden (UK)

hi-lights bridge

Durham's bridges are so much a part of the city's fabric that it can be easy for the daily passer-by not to notice them. Lumiere lighting designer Martin Warden will light three of Durham's bridges, enhancing their stunning architecture and putting them in the spotlight for residents and visitors alike. These installations will celebrate lighting technology, some mimicing the lighting seen elsewhere in the festival and others showcasing solar power and the latest low-energy technologies. 

About the designer

Martin Warden is Director of Hi-Lights, one of the North East's most innovative lighting design companies. He has always been fascinated with colour and lit his first theatre show at the age of 12. His subsequent work has included projects for the Royal Ballet, and at BT where he studied the electronics behind the colour.  Over the past 5 years, Martin's work has become increasingly design led.  He delights in allowing viewers to experience existing architecture in a different way.

Find out more: hi-lights.tv

Image: Infinity Bridge, Stockton; 1st anniversary celebrations 2010.

Watch & Listen

Elvet Bridge by artichoketrust

Framwelgate and Elvet Bridges by artichoketrust

HILIGHTS ELVET by artichoketrust

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