14. Fusion

Mick Stephenson (UK)


Fusion is one of four installations commissioned as part of LUMIERE 2011's Brilliant strand for artists based in or hailing from the North East. 

Fusion is made entirely from everyday objects, usually discarded in their millions, and here illuminated by colourful LED's. Visually stunning from a distance and beautifully intriguing up close, this unique light sculpture crafts an intricate tapestry of colour and texture that will both surprise and delight as you discover the variety of materials used. Never will you look at a milk bottle in the same way again!

About the artist

Born in the North East, local builder Mick Stephenson spent his early years in London, but returned to Durham over 40 years ago. From building domestic creations at the age of 15 to years of technical experience in the music business, Mick's work has more recently centred on Durham city creating everything from an Italian themed piazza to working on some of Durham's oldest listed buildings.

Special thanks to Chris Stephenson and Chris Graham


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