18. I Love Durham

Jacques Rival (France)

I Love Durham

The 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, known to generations as 'the man on the horse' is no stranger to controversy.  An Eton-educated MP and Lord-Lieutenant of the county, he was also considered a brutal oppressor of the miners employed in his pits.  More recently his statue has been the subject of local debate, with a hotly-contested battle over whether it should be removed, or moved at all, and if so, which way the horse's derriere should face in greeting pedestrians entering the Market Place.

Now the French artist Jacques Rival brings the controversial equestrian monument galloping into the twenty-first century with his mischievous and playful tribute - a monumental dome that will cover the statue, which will be engulfed in billowing 'snow', like the snow shakers we all enjoyed as children. 

About the artist

Since 2000 Jacques Rival's work has focussed on combining many fields of creation, various tools and scales of work in order to create projects with great aesthetic impact through design, art installations and architecture. He approaches all his projects with a sense of dream and wonder, with the aim of capturing the simplicity of childhood.

Since 2003 he has regularly participated in the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, France.  Installations includeI Love Lyon and New Tone. He installed a huge iceberg in front the Eiffel Tower in Paris for Greenpeace, and created Quietude for the Environment Ministry. Rival enjoys technical freedom using many tools from video cameras to inflatables and plays with humour to create his works.

Rival's quirky humour will also be on show at London's Kings Cross this winter, with the Flying Invisible Bird Cage, a new installation commissioned by Kings Cross Central.

See more of Jaques's work here.

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  • A remarkable and stunning visual artwork. It is an amazing focus of attention from whichever way you enter the Market Place. It is also a fun installation with, at this time of year, a real Christmas feel to it. I wish it could stay through the holiday period.

    - Rob Turner

    19 Nov 2011

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