20. Les Voyageurs (The Travellers)

Cédric Le Borgne (France)

LES VOYAGEURS (The Travellers)

French artist Cédric Le Borgne's ethereal, illuminated Voyageurs (Travellers) are sculptures made of light. They take human form but have no features, appearing and disappearing in the night sky.  Sitting on roofs, they appear to look at you, or perhaps past you. They invite you to glance up and around, they offer the possibility of a connection between the sky and the ground, between dream and reality.

 Travelling from Toulouse to Geneva, from Séoul and now, for the first time, to the UK, eleven of these beautiful, spiritual figures will be located along Durham's South Bailey.

About the artist

Born in Paris in 1972, Cédric Le Borgne lives and works in Toulouse. After studying Applied Arts at l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, in 1997 he made his first creations within the Mix'Art Myrys cultural squat in Toulouse. During this period he also travelled widely, from the high plains of Pamir to the borders of Tierra del Fuego. As with his Voyageurs who journey around the world, Cédric Le Borgne invites everyone to view daily life in a fresh way, to rise up, to dream. From sculptures made of chicken wire to photography or video, from installations to spontaneous performance, from street-art to web-art, his work is free of formal constraints.

FInd out more: www.cedricleborgne.com


Comments (3)

  • I think they were quite happy gliding in different directions - definitely the most ethereal walk and loved the figures on the roof and wall - much better than the monstrosity in the market place

    - Julie Ashcroft

    20 Nov 2011
  • I wasnt happy that some of the figures were flying in the wrong direction and the stewards did not a thing I have photographic evidence! (They were great for photos!!!!)

    - garry smith

    20 Nov 2011
  • these magical figures were my favourite part of lumiere2011 Great!!!!

    - garry smith

    19 Nov 2011

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