23. Metamorph

Boo Beaumont (UK)

Film Projection

Award-winning photographer and film-maker Boo Beaumont premieres this exquisite projection of plants and flowers created by using X-ray and CT technology. These delicate images shift and melt into one another as they are projected onto North Road Methodist Church. This thought-provoking and beautiful piece draws the viewer in to question how things appear and what lies hidden beneath.

The specially-composed soundtrack by Orlando Kimber harmonises with the images and adds a further dimension for the viewer as they watch the flowers evolve.

About the artist

Boo Beaumont is an award-winning photographer, film-maker and artist with 12 of her portraits in the National Portrait Gallery collection in London. In 2010 her X Ray Shell images were featured in 'The Pearl' exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. In 2004 her X-Ray Flower images gained her a gold medal from the Royal Horticultural Society. More awards followed and the work from this series, first exhibited in 2002, has received critical acclaim worldwide. In the same year, Beaumont was commissioned by Artscape to make her short film 'Bodylines' as their festival finale.

In 1999 she received acclaim for her thought-provoking exhibition of 'Remarkable  Women' portraits which included Mother Theresa. One of these images was a finalist in the Kobal Portrait Awards. She exhibits and lectures worldwide.

To find out more, visit www.boobeaumont.org.


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