26. Plenum

Simeon Nelson (UK/Australia). Soundtrack by Rob Godman. Coding by Nick Rothwell

Plenum new

If you could witness the creation of the universe, what might it be like?

Plenum is a real-time, computer-generated light projection inspired by both scientific and religious accounts of how our world came into being and how the cosmos maintains life and consciousness.

Plenum is underpinned by a perfect grid of dots which transforms into a pulsating and swaying collection of particles, popping in and out of existence.  It starts by rapidly expanding from a point and plays out an artistic interpretation of the ways the universe could have been formed. As the particles begin to move they impact on the dots around them in what appears to be a chain reaction, calling into question whether we are all held in balance by our relationships to each other and the atmosphere around us. The projection runs a 15-minute sequence from a frozen state of absolute order through to a state of complete chaos.  In each sequence a subtly different cosmos is generated by the computer code.

The installation has been created by artist Simeon Nelson with a live soundtrack by Nick Rothwell and Rob Godman.  It was inspired by the artist's conversations with astrophysicist and theologian Rev Professor David Wilkinson.

About the artists

Simeon Nelson is an award winning sculptor and interdisciplinary artist interested in science and religion as ways of understanding the interaction of humanity and nature. Drawing on the work of scientists, philosophers and theologians, Nelson seeks to connect science with human understanding of the world.

His gallery-based and public-realm work is concerned with revealing and mapping systems of meaning. He obtained a BA in Fine Art from Sydney College of the Arts in 1987. After establishing himself as an artist in Australia and Asia in the 1990s, he moved to London in 2001 and is working on exhibitions and commissions in Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK.  He is professor of Sculpture at the University of Hertfordshire.

To find out more, visit www.simeon-nelson.com and simeonnelson.wordpress.com.

Rob Godman is a composer, sound designer and programmer. He is Reader in Music at the University of Hertfordshire. As well as creating installation audio works he regularly performs live, focusing on a transparent relationship between technology, audience and performer. www.robgodman.com  

Nick Rothwell is a London-based composer, performer, media artist and programmer. He has produced sound scores for several choreographers and interactive media systems for a variety of international organisations. He is currently touring with a laser-controlled responsive soundscape for Eddie Ladd.

A Lux Scientia commission for Lumiere

Funded by the European Commission Culture Fund



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