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Compagnie Carabosse (France)


Fire alchemists Compagnie Carabosse will use scrap metal, charcoal, and even cast-off clothing to create a magical fire garden on a huge scale in and around the Cathedral itself. Carabosse are one of France's most important street arts groups, transforming streets and parks into flickering artworks that remind us of the most basic and elemental human need. 

Carabosse have performed all over the world, delighting thousands of visitors from Edinburgh to Brighton with installations that inspire awe and reverence in equal measure.   But for LUMIERE they're doing something truly audacious: creating a huge new piece which will be situated not only in the College gardens and the medieval cloisters, but also inside Durham's ancient Cathedral itself, filling the building with candle-light and leading the audience on an illuminated trail that evokes the journeys taken by pilgrims hundreds of years ago.

The installation will be created gradually each night from around 7pm until 10pm

See more of Carabosse's work here.


The musician playing inside the Cathedral goes by the name 'La Rose'. He hasn't recorded anything as he enjoys playing live, but is contemplating releasing a CD next year.

The musician who played outside the Cathedral is known as Orl and, as 'La Rose', hasn't recorded anything. There are a few videos available on YouTuble of Orl's previous performances:

ORL in Barcelona, 2009
ORL at Singapore Arts Festival Opening 2010
ORL with Carabosse in São Paulo, Brasil, 2009

ORL with Carabosse in Pamplona, 2008


Durham Cathedral by artichoketrust

Media partner BBC Newcastle spoke to the artist about bringing their work to LUMIERE: COMPAGNIE CARABOSSE by artichoketrust


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  • La Rose performed at the Milton Keynes International Festival 2012 as part of the La Compagnie Carabosse: Fire Gardens show in Campbell Park from the 20th to the 22nd of July. He is amazing! I have some videos, unfortunately the quality isn't so great, and the videos aren't very long. I can upload them onto youtube!
    Everyone should hear him. Hopefully he'll decide to get his own album out. :o)

    - Charlotte

    27 Jul 2012
  • Tried searching all over for the mystical 'La Rose' but had no luck. If anyone is interested 'Desiderii Marginis' produce some excellent atmospheric music, worth a listen. Have quite a few albums along these lines if anyone wants any others.

    - Steve

    14 Dec 2011
  • http://www.myspace.com/frani52/music/songs/la-pie-33019817

    I found out - he is called "La Rose" and his music has been set to words on the attached. He hasn't recorded his own album and is not on any label.



    I loved it!!

    - Mark

    05 Dec 2011
  • In the same boat as below. Trying to find the name of this musician is so hard!

    The link Adam gave is musicians used with carabosse, but not the particular performer / one man band that I watched on Thursday and Sunday.
    Thought he was incredible, hypnotised me there for a long time and watched the guy for ages.

    If anyone knows information of this guy please post it!! I'm going to try emailing Carabosse but with not knowing French I hope someone there reading emails can understand me.

    - Andy

    23 Nov 2011
  • There's something special about fire. Hypnotic. Dangerous. Something electronic lights cannot offer. Definitely the highlight of Lumiere for me.

    As far as I can work out, the musician outside was known as O.R.L. Not the same track, but this was really all I could find: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a9YJQHoBZc

    Would also like to know what was played inside.

    - Adam Hawkins

    22 Nov 2011

    I'm not the only one to ask either. Wakey wakey organisers, please answer!

    He was on Saturday night for me - perhaps same as all nights. A one man band, playing chilled, melancholic, ethereal acoustic tunes, with a gorgeous voice.

    - dan

    22 Nov 2011
  • My favourite installation but the best bit was the music. I could have stood and listened to the musician all night, he was amazing. Who was he? (9.45pm Sunday)

    - Beth

    20 Nov 2011
  • Can someone PLEASE tell us who the musicians were? Inside the Cathedral and in the College Garden? Incredible ambient drone music..... (Friday night)

    - Mike Whitehouse

    20 Nov 2011
  • This was a truly inspiring evening. The City of Durham should be very proud of itself. The artwork was breathtaking and the mix of the ancient with the new was inspired. I was visiting the city after a long time of absence and will not leave it so long next time.

    - Ged Bradley

    20 Nov 2011
  • I absolutely loved this installation, so much im desparately after some images of the metal sculptures outside the gardens as I wish to use them for inspiration for my own!

    - Mark webb

    18 Nov 2011
  • I was absolutely blown away last night, I would love to know if you can get any of the music being played by Compagnie Carabosse in the cathedral I just love it, the sense and atmosphere it created. could you let me know that would be great.
    I didn't see it all, so I will have to have another visit!

    - Adam Carlton

    18 Nov 2011
  • Probably my favourite installation at Lumiere, living lights.

    Who managed to persuade the health and safety people that people should be allowed free access to hot metal?

    Does anyone know what the writing on the obelisks says and means?

    - Michael Eve

    18 Nov 2011

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