35. The WonderWood

Walter Holt (UK)

The WonderWoodwonderwood2

Photographer and lighting designer Walter Holt specialises in the illumination of trees and landscapes, and brings his particular brand of magic to the steep wooded banks of the River Wear as it snakes around Durham's ancient peninsula.  The riverbanks are a haven for locals and visitors alike. In daytime one can wander, with any purpose or none, through the native woodland with its ancient pockets and beautiful views.   After dark it's normally a different story, only for those determined on a mission. But for the four nights of the Durham Lumiere all this will change, and the entire route from Prebends Bridge to Framwellgate Bridge will be transformed into an enchanted forest with the castle dancing high above. You are invited to bring your own sound track.

About the artist

Walter Holt embarked on adulthood as a photographer but neither seemed to work. So he went to film school to emerge as a professional cinematographer, reclaiming his photographic heart as his own. He initiated the Treeluminati: a team of volunteers on his lighting project at Australia's Woodford Folk Festival - a weeklong camping celebration of arts in a stunning tree-lined valley that had previously disappeared at night.
Returning to Ireland in 2007, Walter set up Installations of Light to provide lighting consultancy, design and installation that specialises in trees, landscapes and architecture. The company creates events, temporary and permanent installations in private, public and corporate spaces.

With thanks to the Treeluminati: Daryl Bellis, Kieran Donnelly, Damien Donnelly Jovian Delaforce.

See more of Walter's work here.


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